Eon Unlimited

A Modular Solution For Electric Skateboards


Eon is an Indiegogo AND Kickstarter project that uses very powerful technology to create an amazing skating experience reusing your current board and trucks. Basically the engine is the wheel it self. We created the first version of the app that connects with the board to show the current state (battery, settings) and sets the boards settings (power, brakes, kick, etc..) . The product haven't come out to the public yet. I tried it and it's very very fun.

Main Characteristics

  • Ability to set power, kick, nitro and top speed to the skate via bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Conexion to see the status of the battery of the skate
  • Low Level communications (bytes and bits ;) )


  • Ionic
  • Angular 4
  • Cordova Bluetooth plugin